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Files supplied for print must be PDF/x-1a format.

Your order will go through our automated system and will only be rejected if we are unable to print your file. We will not carry out any of our preflight and quality checks on your document as these will already have been carried out by yourself prior to submitting the file. We recommend that, unless you are fully aware of the potential pitfalls to look out for when producing Print Ready files and are confident that your files supplied adhere fully to our technical guide, you do not use this service and instead opt for our File Checking service.

Please Note:
Booklets and folders have more complexities to be aware of and room for error. By their nature these are generally of a higher value than our other regular products and it is for these reasons that even if you normally opt for Print Only on your other products and do not experience any issues, we would prefer you use File Check on these products. We only accept booklets as one multipage pdf containing single pages in the correct order using the Print Only service.

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